Trading Posts!

Welcome to Trading Posts.  Feel free to donate all of your small change to the figures you find in the ‘AboutMe’ page(s). Special consideration is giving for ‘gifts’ greater than 10.00 USD (that is, “United States Dollars”  = USD;  for those of you living within a hundred miles of a Great Lake or two).  Visit the site, learn how to blog, here and there then get your own blog and destroy all hope of being an unknown character on the Internet, FOREVER!

If this is your first post, you have to get out more. Till then, feel free to edit or delete it, here, at a reasonable price, then enjoy blogging, first-hand!

Now if you can figure out how to make money on the internet in a less than 2 year period of time, move on to those successful endeavors. We would feel ‘ripped – off’ if you became a success in any time frame shorter than that which we have acquired.